Spring Cleaning | Entryway Closet


We generally keep our home pretty tidy. Things are usually in their place, but we have been known to let the laundry and dishes get out of hand from time to time- we’re definitely not perfect! Our closets can attest to that. Especially our entryway. It has become a catchall for anything and everything that doesn’t have a place yet in our home.

This is about to get very real.

Yes, that is an apothecary jar filled with sunglasses. I don’t know why/when/how that happened. The wire hanging down is from a camera we recently installed for home security. It has been hanging like that for a couple of weeks.


Foolproof method for organizing:

Take EVERYTHING out of the area you want to organize
You will be able to inspect each item, and have a clean slate for when it is time to reorganize. Take note of anything in disrepair that needs replaced or cleaned.

Clean and dust the area you are organizing
You probably haven’t taken everything out of the area in a year or so, so you will find some dust bunnies. Or if you have a dog like we do, you will find a ridiculous amount of dog hair.

Start going through the piles
Donate anything you didn’t wear or use the year before. Toss any items that are broken or in disrepair. Find homes for those weird pieces that didn’t make sense in the area you are working on. I had quite a few: the winter accesories box (doesn’t really need to be front and center), Loki’s toys (we have to find a different spot because every time we open the door he tries to go for the basket), the softball bat, the apothecary jar, and the extra hoodies and jackets that can go back in our master closet.

Start putting everything back
Since you have gotten rid of things that don’t belong it should be fairly simple to tetris your items back in a place that makes sense! Use containers to keep similar items together. We have a shoe rack for our tennis shoes, larger boots are to the side, a small basket contains Loki’s harness/leash/baggies & lint rollers. The large tote on the top shelf contains a couple of things for our bikes, some car cleaner wipes, our KU and Royals flags for the front of the house and a large picnic blanket. I also leave my yoga mat in the front so I can easily grab it on my way to class. I like to keep our longer coats on one side and the shorter coats on the other. I bought a bunch of those no slip hangers, but Kyle prefers plastic hangers, so to try to keep things cohesive I use the no slip hangers for my things and he gets plastic hangers in the same color.


Ahhhhhh. It is still not pretty, but, it is undoubtedly an improvement from the mess that it was.

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