Into the woods

I met Caroline at 5:30am to go hike a beautiful trail in Weston. We caught the sunrise in a young cornfield. We found out the trail didn’t open until 7:00 so headed into downtown Weston to get breakfast and pass some time.

Imogen counted sugar packets in spanish and gently played the drums on all of our drinks with utensils while we waited for the food. We finished breakfast and then headed out to the trail. We saw a total of five antique VW Vans in town and on the way out.

During the hike Imogen said “Whew, whew, this is hard work” while we were on the uphill portion. She endured.

Imogen ended the hike with “You are the best mom in the world”, and shared a big hug with Caroline. She is such a sweet, sweet tiny human. Her personality and actions show what a fantastic mother you are, Caroline! IMG_0009bwIMG_0025IMG_0042bwIMG_0042.jpgIMG_0060IMG_0061IMG_0089IMG_0116IMG_0124IMG_0151IMG_0167IMG_0173IMG_0177bwIMG_0179IMG_0184IMG_0200bwIMG_0201IMG_0312bwIMG_0283IMG_0327



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